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Terrarium Maxi Zoo – Universe of Reptiles (1)

  • Zoo Med -Mini Maxi Precision Digital Thermometer. TH-32 E. for Reptiles.-ZO-387377

    Zoo Med - Mini-Max Precision Digital Thermometer. TH-32 E. for reptiles.Mini maxi precision digital thermometer. TH-32 E. for reptiles. Large screen precision digital thermometer: - Displays the current temperature. - Reads and displays the lowest temperature as well as the highest temperature. - A simple press of the Clear button resets the Min/Max memory. - 182 cm waterproof remote probe. Works with a supplied AAA battery. Simple assembly using a suction cup.Zoo MedZO-387377Mini maxi precision digital thermometer. TH-32 E. for reptiles. Large screen precision digital thermometer: - Displays the current temperature. - Reads and displays the lowest temperature as well as the highest temperature. - A simple press of the Clear button resets the Min/Max memory. - 182 cm waterproof remote probe. Works with a supplied AAA battery. Simple assembly using a suction cup.

    24,24 € 26,35 € -8%

  • Zoo With Reptile Lamp Stand

    For use with a hanging metal reflector or a metal socket. Allows you to firmly fix heating elements that would otherwise be difficult to install. Easily adaptable to all standard terrarium sizes (maximum height 97 cm, maximum width 38 cm).

    45,83 € 49,06 € -7%

    (Video) Snake perspective 🐍 #shorts
  • TropicShop - Aluminum terrarium lamp as red light lamp with E27 ceramic socket, terrarium lighting, clamp or hanging, inner reflector Ø 22 cm - up to 150 W

    Terrarium lamp in polished aluminum with porcelain base and E27 fitting. Lampshade Ø 22 cm - For max. 150 W lighting. For 230 V. With Plugs, cables and switchesTerrarium lamp. Clamps or suspended - With Accessories for both types of mounting. Without bulb - With E27 base. Ideal as a terrarium lamp or red lamp / terrarian heating lamp Elegant design. Also used as a heat lamp for any terrarium, turtle house, hutch or throw box. For UV A UV-B lamp or spotlight spot heating lamp, halogen lamp Light reflection thanks to the glossy screen inside. Allows spot heat if desired. You decide what lighting you create with this lamp by choosing the E27 bulbScope of delivery: terrarium spot: lamp with aluminum shade (without bulb) with E27 porcelain socket, 170 cm cable, switch, socket (for 230 volts), suspension bracket and clamping

    26,99 €

  • Digital Reptile Thermometer Hygrometer with Two Remote Probes - Ideal Max Min Vivarium Thermometer for Vivariums and Reptile Aquariums

    Essential Reptile Hygrometer Thermometer - Monitor tank temperature and humidity with this easy-to-use hygrometer thermometer. Sleek design. - Stylish digital vivarium thermometer with two external probes for monitoring temperature and humidity. GREAT VALUE - When it comes to vivarium accessories, we only carry the best quality and the best Accuracy.Quality Guaranteed - Our carefully selected range of Hygrometer Thermometers are manufactured to the highest standards expected by our customersExceptional Customer Service: With a wealth of experience, our Thermometer World team are here to help with any questions, tips or tricks you you could have.

    13,95 €

  • GuDoQi Digital LCD Thermometer Hygrometer for Aquarium, 4 Pieces, Temperature Monitor with Probe for Fish Tank, Reptiles, Poultry Incubator

    (Video) Best Mister For Reptiles! Repti Zoo 10L Reptile Mister Review/How to install!

    Comes with 4 thermo-hygrometers to meet different needs Integrated installation design, powered by 2 AG13/LR44 batteries (batteries included) Large LCD display (3.57 x 1.68 cm) with large digits for easy reading from a distance temperature: -50°C~70°C, humidity range: 10%~99%, temperature accuracy: ±1°C (under normal temperature), humidity accuracy: ±5%With cable 1.5m long probe probe, ideal for office, bedroom, living room, aquarium, incubator, brooders, reptile tank, greenhouse, etc.

    14,99 €

  • Zoo Med Combo Deep Dome Dual Lamp Fixture Bulb Holder for Reptile/Amphibian

    Two ceramic sockets for use with lamps up to 160 watts (for each outlet) Polished aluminum dome for maximum light and heat output Dome deeper than the size of the lamps preventing them from protruding Device comprising two lamps in one point for maximum comfortDual luminaire allowing to combine multiple types of lamps, such as UVB lamps, day and night heat lamps

    69,47 €

  • POFET 2 Pack Reptile Heater Bulbs Long Lasting Infrared Lamp White Light Pet Lamp For Reptiles Amphibians Lizards Tortoises Spiders 220-240V (75W)

    Optimum heat source for efficient thermoregulation and metabolism. Soft white light for restorative heating. Suitable for day and night use. Durable and long service life: This pet heat lamp is made of high quality glass, which is good heating effect and high temperature resistance. Anti-corrosion, humid environment can also be used for a long time. Easy Replacement and Installation: Easily fits your standard E27 Edison screw thread, and provides warm and soft light to your recessed lighting. Wide Application: suitable for a variety of reptiles and amphibians including bearded dragons, geckos, snakes, turtles, iguanas, lizards, chameleons, frogs, toads, etc.

    14,99 €

    (Video) Catching CUTE Lizards With My Bare Hands! #shorts

  • Zoo Med Naturalist Terrarium for Reptile/Amphibian 30 x 30 x 30 cm

    A touch of nature and tranquility for the home or office Lockable door for added safety and security (lock not included) Front and top venting for natural airflow inside the terrarium Waterproof base .6 outlet slots for air line tubing, and power cords with 30x30x30 spring clips

    118,37 €

  • Zoo Med Reptibreeze Alum Screen - Durable Anodized Aluminum Mesh Reptile Enclosure, Black, 61x61x122 CM

    For use with Zoo Med's Naturaliste Terrarium Hoods (items LF-50E, LF-55E, or LF-60E) or Zoo Med's Deep Dome Lamp Fixture (item LF-17E). in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.

    171,78 € 214,99 € -20%

  • Zoo Med - Reptihabitat Gecko Reptile/Amphibian Kit

    starter kitideal to start taking care of your new leopard geckostarter kitPackage weight: 1.0 pounds

    (Video) Unboxing My New $10,000 Gecko! *CRAZY* #shorts #animals #lizard #reptiles #gecko #rare #cuteanimals

    185,80 €

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Do reptiles live in terrariums? ›

Both tropical reptiles and certain amphibians can live in a tropical terrarium. Common pets that would love a rainforest-like habitat include: African fat-tailed geckos. Anoles.

What reptiles can live in a mesh terrarium? ›

These 15 Reptiles Can Live In A Terrarium/Vivarium
  • Bearded Dragon.
  • Green Anole.
  • Chinese Water Dragon.
  • Corn Snake.
  • Argentine Black and White Tegu.
  • Box Turtle.
  • Crested Gecko.
  • Red-Eared Slider.

Do lizards live in terrariums? ›

Anole lizards (pronounced [ah-no-lee]) are a super common choice for a terrarium lizard – and for good reason. These are widely available and very affordable. In many ways, they're like a smaller, easier, and more accessible alternative to a chameleon.

Does it rain inside a terrarium? ›

Moisture in the terrarium is taken up by roots, and evaporates from the soil and plant leaves. It condenses on the terrarium roof and walls. Then, the condensed water falls down (like rain) and re-moistens the soil in a continual closed loop process.

How long do terrariums live? ›

Though the average terrarium only lasts from four months to two years. Factors like light, moisture, temperature, selection of plants, and size of the container, all play a role in the lifespan of a terrarium. The longest terrarium that lasted on its own lived for 53 years.

What is the best reptile for a bioactive tank? ›

Bearded Dragons are one of the best, if not the best BioActive terrarium candidates when it comes to keeping them as pets.

What are 3 animals that can survive in a terrarium? ›

This habitat might include plants, fungi, lichens, isopods (such as pill bugs), beetles, spiders, earthworms, amphibians (such as salamanders), reptiles (such as turtles), crickets, and more.

What reptiles don't need humidity? ›

The leopard gecko is a cute little lizard that's easy to care for. These desert natives don't need extra humidity except when shedding, and also don't need much extra heat; just provide a heated basking area. Leopard geckos eat live insects that are readily available, such as crickets, mealworms and waxworms.

What not to do with a terrarium? ›

Don't overwater. This is the most common mistake terrarium keepers make, according to experienced gardeners. Terrariums, by their glass-enclosed nature, create miniature ecosystems that are self-irrigating. Do check your soil weekly, with a finger, to assess whether it's dry or moist.

Do terrariums attract bugs? ›

The likes of snails, slugs, and beetles will all love being in a terrarium.

What is a vivarium vs terrarium? ›

So, what is the difference between a terrarium and a vivarium? Though both environments can look very similar in terms of plants and earth, terrariums are designed to raise plants, and vivariums are designed primarily to be a habitat for an animal.

What animals go in terrariums? ›

This habitat might include plants, fungi, lichens, isopods (such as pill bugs), beetles, spiders, earthworms, amphibians (such as salamanders), reptiles (such as turtles), crickets, and more.

Are snakes kept in terrariums? ›


For example, a ball python is a little bit bigger of a snake and needs a terrarium that is at least 40 gallons (150 liters), if not larger. King snakes, rosy boas, corn snakes and milk snakes, on the other hand, might only need a 20-gallon (75 liters) snake habitat to be happy.

What is a terrarium for reptiles called? ›

/tɛˈrɛːrɪəm/ noun. a vivarium for smaller land animals, especially reptiles, amphibians, or terrestrial invertebrates, typically in the form of a glass-fronted case.

Can snakes live in a terrarium? ›

Several differences exist between aquariums and terrariums; for snakes, terrariums are generally preferable. While aquariums are essentially five-sided glass boxes designed to hold water, terrariums are cages designed for terrestrial animals that happen to be made of glass for ease of viewing.


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