Rump Steak | Striploin | Simmental beef | Germany | Dry Aged | 300g (2023)

Rump Steak | Striploin | Simmental beef | Germany | Dry Aged | 300g (1)

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German heifer | Simmental beef

Diedry ripeningwas the predominant way of aging meat until the 1970s. The meat is hung up in the cooling chamber and matured unpackaged. Meat aging for beef should last at least 21, but preferably 30-45 days, at a temperature of 2-5°C and a humidity of 80-85%. The meat loses liquid and gets a dry "rind". These brown, dried end pieces have to be parried or trimmed later. By the time the meat can be prepared, it has lost up to 40% of its original weight. This is due to the evaporation of the water stored in the meatDry Aged Beefa more intense, aromatic taste.

Simmental Cattleare among the most important cattle breeds in Germany. Originally from the Bernese Oberland (Simmental), the breed is now kept and bred across the board. Typical for this breed of cattle is the white head with small eye or cheek spots and the white legs. The breed is medium to large framed and shows good muscularity with little obesity on all important parts of the body. They are characterized by very good fertility, adaptability and sociability. Alain Ducasse, the most decorated chef in the world with 9 Michelin stars, swears by the spicy and highly aromatic steaks fromSimmentaler-Rind, and the Berlin "Grill Royal" also uses Simmentaler from our Carnothek for some of its short-fried delicacies.

OneMinced meatis a sexually mature female cattle that has not yet calved. In Austria they say zurMinced meatalsoYour heart. Externally foldsheifer meatwith its strong red color, finer muscle fibers and, above all, the high proportion of intramuscular fat. That fine marbling is why thisheifer meatis particularly aromatic, juicy and tender. However, heifers grow more slowly and also do not achieve such a high slaughter weight as the young bulls that are typical in Germany. For this reason is goodheifer meatHard to find in Germany and usually always a little more expensive than meat from young bulls.

Deutschlandis the second largest beef producer in the EU. Modern cattle farming means reconciling animal welfare, consumer wishes and economy. The husbandry system, that is, the way the cows are kept, the construction of the barn and the feeding depend on the type of production – milk, beef or veal. InDeutschlandthree out of four cattle live in loose stalls where they can move relatively freely. The farmer produces most of the staple or basic fodder for the cattle himself on the land on his farm. Basic fodder includes grasses, herbs, crops used for field fodder production such as corn.Simmental Cattleused as dual-purpose breeds as milk and meat suppliers.Simmentaler Fleckviehas a representative of the dual-purpose breeds, it is the second most common breed in Germany overall.

Simmental rump steak in brief

Article description:

Rumpsteak Dry Aged

Alternative article designations:

  • Germany: rump steak
  • Austria: rump steak
  • France: Coast
  • Italy: Bistecca
  • Spanien: tip of loin
  • England: Sirloin
  • America: Striploin Steak, New York Strip, Club Steak (on the bone)

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Roast beef, flat roast beef, sirloin, roast beef, contre-filet is the external loin muscles (posterior dorsal spinal extensors, primarily longissimus dorsi) detached from the lumbar vertebrae and the last four thoracic vertebrae.


Simmental Rind (Fleckvieh)


Minced meat


Germany / Alpine foothills

born in:


raised in:


slaughtered in:


broken down into:


Maturity type:

Dry Aging



Flavor Intensity:



Grilling, pan frying


no further preparation necessary



Value Guarantee:

With us you always do well! We give you the added value guarantee. Most of our steaks or sausages are heavier than stated in the product description. And this without recalculation, as is sometimes the case with our market companions! As a rule, you often receive more goods than you actually pay for.

Serving size per person:

200g to 250g

Length and width:



vacuum packed. By the way: the packaging of our steaks is suitable for sous-vide cooking. By far the easiest way to the perfect meat!

(Video) 7 Tips to Cook Dry Aged Steaks to Perfection - Dry Aged Steaks Guide for Beginners!

Delivery condition:

see tab "more information".


well chilled at a maximum of +7°C.


Our fresh products have a sufficient remaining shelf life upon delivery, giving you enough time to enjoy them. An exact best before date is printed on each pack. Our beef items are individually aroma-sealed and have a shelf life of 8 days. Lamb and pork items have a shelf life of 6 days.


The meat is shipped well chilled in an insulated box (refrigerated shipping).

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Germany, Austria. Other EU countries on request.

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You will automatically receive a notification from us as soon as your package has been packed and handed over to the carrier.

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See tab "more information". Our shipping days are from Monday to Thursday. Delivery by UPS Tuesday to Friday & by DHL Tuesday to Saturday. Further information is also available in the "Payment & Shipping" section.

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If you need the goods at the weekend, then enter Wednesday as the desired shipping day. Although the delivery of the parcel is outside our sphere of influence, shipping on Wednesday ensures with a high degree of probability that the goods you have ordered will reach you by Friday. In the case of a desired shipping day on Thursday, however, we cannot guarantee this with absolute certainty.

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Butcher Der Ludwig, Fuldaer Strasse 2, 36381 Schluechtern, Germany, phone +49 (0)6661 70999-70. Any questions? We love holes in the stomach.

Scope of delivery:

you get one300gheavy, vacuum packedRumpsteakfrom the Simmental heifer from Germany.

More information
delivery timeShipping in about 1-5 days
Best before10 Take
Packaging Unit1 piece
Nutritional values ​​per 100gCalorific value: 611 kJ / 146 kcal; fat: 6.4 g; of which saturated fatty acids: 2.8 g; carbohydrates: 0.0 g; of which sugar: 0.0 g; egg white: 20.3 g; Salt: 0.1g.

Grilling the rump steak / roasting the rump steak: How do you properly prepare a dry aged rump steak?

Tip for preparing rump steaks:Before roasting or grilling the rump steak, the white fat edge should be cut at intervals of approx. 1 cm to prevent it from bulging when roasting. However, it should remain on the meat to increase the flavor and juiciness. It is best to cook the rump steak on medium rare, i.e. a core temperature of 52-57°C. At this temperature, the fine marbling of the meat melts and gives the roast beef a wonderfully fine and juicy taste.
Take the rump steak off the grill or out of the pan when the desired core temperature has been reached and let it rest for about 3 minutes. The core temperature increases again by approx. 2°C.
The result: a wonderfully juicy rump steak that is incredibly tender. In order to get the core temperature exactly, a meat thermometer should be used, e.g. thisSteak thermometer Steakchamp.

Good meat doesn't need much more. We therefore recommend salt flakes and pepper from Ingo Holland, e.g. Meláge Noir and Murray River salt, as a high-quality finish for rump steaks.

Dry Aged Rumpsteak an Steinpilz Soße

2 Dry Aged Rumpsteaks

40g dried porcini mushrooms

10g Butter

1/8 l white wine

1/8 liter of water

100g Props

Black Melange

Murray River Salt


clarified butter

(Video) I tried all DRY-AGE techniques on Rib-eye


First, rinse the dried porcini mushrooms under running water to remove residues of sand, small stones and any pine needles.

Cover the porcini mushrooms in a small bowl with a little warm water and let them soak for about 1/2 hour.

Melt the butter in a coated pan. Sauté the finely diced onion in it until light brown. Put the porcini mushrooms in a sieve and catch the mushroom water.

Drain the porcini mushrooms well, add to the onions in the pan and sauté briefly. Add white wine and cream. Pour the mushroom soaking water through a fine sieve. Add 1/8 L of it to the mushrooms. Season generously with pepper, salt and thyme. Reduce the mushroom sauce until thick.

Heat the clarified butter in a pan and sear the rump steaks (150 g each) on both sides.

Fry at a medium temperature for about 5 minutes. The core should still be rosy. Pour the sauce over the rump steaks and serve with the baguette.

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Very very good quality. Mega

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The rum steaks tasted very good. The dry marinade convinced me. I couldn't. I will. other grilled meat keep doing it with your own composition without oil, as before. We were very satisfied. A steak with a side dish was sufficient, it got bigger when grilled. Is expensive - but very good. Now I know what it means to eat good meat. I didn't think it was like that. \n

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Meat quality excellent.

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Very good quality

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great in taste

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Meat arrived on time and very well chilled. quality appeared good. Was examined by my neighbor who is a master butcher himself.

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2023-04-26 09:30:12

2 minutes on the very hot grill on each side - the perfect steak!

2023-03-14 13:30:45

A dream! Everyone must have eaten at least once. Don't be afraid of the preparation, it's super easy. Have we eaten days of. Simply cut down slices and fry briefly in the pan.

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Just like a steak should be

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You can get better ones for the price

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Fine as always. I can only warmly recommend it!

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I prepared the steak in the pan, the next comes on the grill, I have never prepared such a great quality of meat.

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The product was of good quality. I would buy it again.

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Great meat!

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Meat sensational as always, exemplary service and delivery.\n\nUnfortunately, this time I had bad luck with the fillet portion. They were more like T-bones or rump steaks with bones than porterhouse cuts.\nWould still order again because everything else was more than satisfactory and the meat was in a class of its own. \n

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It was also such a miracle... you'd be surprised how much taste there can be in 300 grams of meat.

2021-04-26 18:07:55

Thickness, size and marbled of the steak were perfect. I finished cooking the steak according to the core temperature (55°) which was specified on the homepage and thus received a perfect steak medium rare.\n

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Good base

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Simply at its finest

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Rump Steak | Striploin | Simmental beef | Germany | Dry Aged | 300g? ›

The rump is a cut from just behind the ribs, making it an extremely tender steak, and one that is especially flavourful and 'beefy'. Combined with the dry ageing process, which amplifies the beefy flavours in the steak, a dry aged rump cut is especially flavourful.

What is aged rump steak? ›

The rump is a cut from just behind the ribs, making it an extremely tender steak, and one that is especially flavourful and 'beefy'. Combined with the dry ageing process, which amplifies the beefy flavours in the steak, a dry aged rump cut is especially flavourful.

What is the best cut for aged beef? ›

Some of the commonly dry aged cuts include strip loin (New York Strip), boneless ribeye (ribeye) and top butt (sirloin). These are steak cuts that age well and improve significantly in flavor and texture with dry aging.

How do you cook aged rump? ›

Cook for three minutes on each side then transfer to a baking tray and finish in a hot oven for 10–15 minutes. Of course you can finish cooking your rump steak in the pan – give a 5cm piece of meat five minutes on each side for medium rare – but you'll get a more even and tender result by using the oven.

How can you tell if a steak is aged? ›

You can see that the exterior of the meat has lost its moisture and a bark is forming. (It looks unsightly, but under that crust is something incredible!) Most of the bark is trimmed away after the meat is done aging, but the meat retains a nutty, earthy flavor.


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