9 Bags Of Cookies Each Bag Had 17 Cookies And Have Eaten 26 Of The Cookies How Many Cookies Do I Have (2023)

Mathematics High School


Answer 1

17x9 =153

127 cookies left

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Find the equation of the circle that has a diameter with endpoints located at (7, 3) and (7, –5).


Assuming that the center is at (0,0) your equation is (x-0)^2+(y-0)^2=4^2

The Chambers family has a net monthly income of $6,500. Chambers Family Budget:
Savings 7%
Clothing 18%
Medical 10%
Emergency Fund 8%
Transportation 12%
Food 20%
Housing 25%
If the family decides to reduce its clothing budget by $200 a month, how much would the new clothing budget be? Round to the nearest dollar.



Option C $970 is the new clothing budget.

Step-by-step explanation:

The Chambers family has a net monthly income = $6,500

Chambers family budget for Clothing = 18% of net income

= (18/100) × 6500

= 0.18 × 6500 = $1,170.00

The budget of Chambers family is $1,170.00 per month, Now the family decides to reduce its clothing budget by $200 a month.

Therefore, we subtract $200 from his old budget to get new clothing budget.

1,170 - 200 = $970.00

Now the new clothing budget of the family is $970.

.18 x 6500 = 1170

1170 - 200 = 970

Answer = $970

What is the area of a rectangular yard if two of the sides have lengths of 30 yards and 22 yards? A)60 yards2 B)52 yards2 C)104 yards2 D)330 yards2 E)660 yards2


660 yards2 i hope that helps u with ur question :)



Step-by-step explanation:

Dima called her friend to tell her that she saved 30% on her new skirt at a discount store. Her friend told her that she could have gotten a better deal at a different store that was advertising a sale of 1/3 off all clothing. If the original price of Dima’s skirt was $54, how much more could she have saved at the store her friend suggested? A) $1.11
B) $1.80
C) $36.00
D) $37.80


Tbh i Would prolly go B,

54*0.3 (30%) is 16.2
54*(1/3) is 18
18-16.2 is 1.8 or $1.80

Suppose 9 1/3 varies directly with -1/2. Write a direct variation equation that relates x and y.
What is the value of y when x=12


9 1/3
-1/2. 28/3 / 1/2. 28/3 times -2/1 =. -56/3= 12/Y -56Y= 36. Divide by -56. -36/-56. Reduce equals-9/14

The equation of a circle is(x-3)^2+(y+8)^2=36. Relative to the standard equation of a circle (x^2+y^2=r^2), how has this circle been shifted? What is the radius of the circle?


The circle shifts to the right 3 units and down 8 units. It's radius is 6

The circle has been shifted 3 units to the right and 8 units down.
The radius of the circle would be square root of 36, which is 6

Radius= 6 units
Translation= 3 units horizontally right , 8 units vertically down

Hiram raises earthworms. In a square of compost 4 ft by 4 ft, he can have 1000 earthworms. How many earthworms can he have if his square of compost has a side length that is 8 times longer?



The answer is 64000.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given is -

Hiram raises 1000 earthworms in a square of compost 4 ft by 4 ft.

When the square of compost has a side length that is 8 times longer, means the area will increase by a factor of times.

So, total earthworms will be =

64,000 I believe. What I did was find the area so 4*4 =16. 1000/16 = 62.5 earthworms per square foot. So if the side is 8 times longer then 8*4= 32 feet per side and to find the area of that it's 32*32 = 1024 feet squared. So 62.5 * 1024 =64,000

HELP, HURRY PLEASE !!! Shown below are the steps a student took to solve the simple interest formula A = P(1 + rt) for r. A = P(1 + rt) A = P+ rt A - P= rt r = (A - P)/t Explain the algebraic error in the student’s work. Then, state how the equation can be modified to produce the correct result.


Steps taken by the student to solve the formula of the simple interest for the values of '',

Step - 1 :

Step 2 :

Step 3 :

Step 4 :

There is an error in step 2 where distributive property was not followed.

Correct steps should be,

Step 1 :

Step 2 : [By distributive property]

Step 3 :

Step 4 :

Learn more,


The student didntdistributethe P correctly

A = P(1 + rt)
A = P+Prt

How can you use substitution to solve a system of linear equations?


Step 1:
Solve one of the equations for either x = or y = .
Step 2:
Substitute the solution from step 1 into the other equation.
Step 3:
Solve this new equation.
Step 4:
Solve for the second variable.

Example 1: Solve the following system by substitution
Substitution Method Example
Step 1: Solve one of the equations for either x = or y = . We will solve second equation for y.
solution step 1
Step 2: Substitute the solution from step 1 into the second equation.
solution step 2
Step 3: Solve this new equation.
solution step 3
Step 4: Solve for the second variable
solution step 4
The solution is: (x, y) = (10, -5)
Hope this helps!

The area of sector AOB is . Find the exact area of the shaded region.


Do you have a picture?

if there is 2/3 of a bag of jelly beans, and Danny ate 1/4 of the bag last night, what fraction of the bag is left?


The fraction of the bag left is 5/12


From the question, we are to calculate the fraction of the bag left

From the given information,

There is 2/3 of a bag of jelly beans


Danny ate 1/4 of this

The fraction of the bag that would be left would be


This is the fraction of the bag left

Hence, the fraction of the bag left is 5/12

Learn more on Fractions here: brainly.com/question/1140888

You could make the denominators common by finding the GCF

The GCF of 4 and 3 is 12

This means that 8/12-3/12 which would give you 5/12.


In a high school of 1250 students, 250 are freshmen and 150 students take Spanish. If being a freshman and taking Spanish are independent, what is the probability that a randomly selected Spanish student is a freshman? A)0.024


D. Because one fifth of students from the school are freshmen since 250/1250 = 1/5. Since taking Spanish doesn't depend on your grade level we can assume that one fifth of the students taking Spanish will be freshmen as well


Step-by-step explanation:

wrong the answer is b

George invested $2000 at two different rates, 5% and 6%. If his total interest income was $106 how much did he invest at each rate?



Total investment = $2000
rate 1 = 5%
rate 2 = 6%

Total interest income = $106

let x = investment at 5%
2000 - x = investment at 6%

$106 = A1 + A2

A = P(i(1+i)^n/ (1+i)^n -1)

Assume n = 1

Solve for x.

A birthday cake was cut into equal pieces, and four pieces were eaten. The fraction below shows how many pieces were left. According to the fraction, how many pieces were not eaten?


If there were 4 pieces eaten, and 3/7 left, then there must have been 7 pices altogether and 3 are left.

How many terms will the given expression have once it is simplified? 8(x^2-1)+3x(x+2)
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4


When simplified:
= 11x^2+6x-8

Therefore, the answer would be 3 terms... C.


The answer is C - 3 terms

Step-by-step explanation:

the simplified answer is 11x² + 6x - 8... there are three terms.

what is one way to recognize a line of symmetry is to look for a line that divides the original image


A line of symmetry divides a figure into two halves that are themirror imagesof each other

A woman works out by running and swimming. When she runs, she burns 7 calories per minute. When she swims, she burns 8 calories per minute. She wants to burn at least 336 calories in her workout. Write an inequality that describes the situation. Let x represent the number of minutes running and y the number of minutes swimming. Because x and y must be positive, limit the boarders to quadrant I only


note >/= is greater than or equal too

The measures of the sides of a triangle are 2x + 3, 8x – 4, and x^2 Write an expression that describes the perimeter of the triangle. A. X^2-1 B. 11x-7 C. x^2+10x-1 D. x^2+10x-7


P = 2x+3+8x-4+x² = x² +10x-1

ben earns $9 per hour and $6 for each deilvery he makes.he wants to earn more than $155 in an 8-hour workday.what is the least number of deilveries he must make to reach his goal


So in a 8 hour workday he would make $72... 9x8=72
now 155-72= 83
83/6= a little over 13
so he would at least have to make 14 deliveries

Use the Law of Cosines to find the missing angle.
Find m∠B, given a = 11, b = 12, and c = 17.







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