10 10 Best Ceiling Fan in India 2022 - Expert Reviews & Guide From Top Brands (2023)

Ceiling fans have become one of the most significant appliances in every household in India 2022 , especially in the summer season. A ceiling is exceptionally affordable and consumes much less power than the use of theair conditioner. In a tropical country like India, where the temperature reaches altogether to a new level, a ceiling fan can lower down the heat by enhancing circulation. Sometimes if the room is too big, then there is more than one ceiling fan present in the room.

Thus it is significant to consider the right size and well-constructed ceiling fan that will help you to survive the scorching summer. To help you select the perfect ceiling fan model, we have compiled a list of the best 10 models that will satisfy all your requirements. So without further ado, continue reading this helpful review of the best ceiling fan in India 2022 .

Best Ceiling Fan in India 2022

Based on the type, motor, fan size, motor, and other controlling alternatives, below are the top 10 models of ceiling fans in India 2022 .

Havells Stealth 1250mm Ceiling Fan

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Havells is one of the most popular and premium electronic gadget manufacturing brands in India 2022 , and now it has brought its latest Stealth 1250mm ceiling fan model. The impressive device offers high-speed rotation with its 280 RPM optimum service. The aerodynamic blades of this powerful ceiling fan offer uniform air distribution to keep your room always fresh and airy on hot summer days.

With the silent operational feature, this 1250mm machine comes with a powerful 18 pole high torque motor that enhances the speed and the looks of the device like a designer one. The marks and dust resistant coating of this unit keeps the model always fresh and clean and helps you to maintain a hygienic environment at your home.

Moreover, the twin canopies design of this impressive ceiling fan keeps the messy wire, and electrical boards are hidden and confirm its strong stability in the ceiling. The highly advanced motor of this fan offers a fast cooling facility to cool it down instantly. With 80 Watts of power consumption rate, the model is one of the most energy-efficient one among the other ceiling fans.

The uniquely designed Havells Stealth comes with only 7 Kg of weight. The latest design allows you to beautify your room with the most attractive appliance at your home.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed with 1250mm blades
  • Marks & dust resistant coating
  • Unique and advanced design
  • Aerodynamic blades for uniform air distribution
  • Silent operational benefit
  • 18 pole high-power torque motor


  • An energy-efficient model
  • Captivating design for modern interior
  • 280 m³/min fan speed
  • Maintenance-free model
  • A durable and long-lasting fan


  • Little heavier in weight

Crompton Aluminum Aura Prime Anti Dust 1200MM

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A fresh and airy room is the perfect place to relax comfortably at your home, and that is the main reason behind choosing the best ceiling fan from the market. Crompton brings it’s latest designed Aluminum Aura Prime Anti Dust 1200MM powerful ceiling fan that provides optimum airy service to its users.

The modern design of this Aura Prime fan can easily beautify the appearance of your living space by making it a superior one. The anti-dust technology of Crompton keeps the marks and dust far away from the device that can help you to maintain the appliance properly at home.

This highly-efficient ceiling fan device contains a double ball-bearing facility, 100% copper winding coil, Anti-rust Aluminum blades, and 2-piece attractive construction that enhances the durability and performance of the unit. The 230 CMM air delivering capacity and 380 RPM pan speed of the device provide dynamically balanced performance with uniform air distribution.

The model is available in many attractive colours in the market that can easily suit your interior and give it better and convincing looks. With 5.21 Kilograms of weight, this ceiling fan model from Crompton comes with only 74 Watts of power consumption rate to provide optimum service to its customers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Backed with high-endurance box capacitor
  • 1200 MM anti-rust Aluminum blades
  • 380 RPM fan speed
  • Anti-marks and dust body for easy maintenance
  • 100% copper coated motor
  • 74 Watts energy consumption rate


  • Attractive design and appearance
  • Evenly air distribution facility
  • Noise-less operational benefit
  • Energy-efficient model
  • Powerful motor with double-ball bearing facility


  • Anti-dust doesn’t work properly

Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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Havells has introduced its latest Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan that consists of enormous technological advancements and features to deliver top-end airy service to its users. The model comes with a captivating design and metallic paint finish that attracts the customer by its looks and gorgeousness at the market. The low power consumption rate (72 Watt) of this unit helps you to make your hefty electric bill half in the summertime.

This Nicola Fan has 225 CMM air delivery capacity and 350 RPM rotational speed that provides optimum air circulation service to its customers. The contemporary design of the device comes with Twin canopies that not only help to conceal the wiring and electrical board part but also confirm the sturdy stability of the unit on the ceiling.

The elegant finish of this unit makes it a perfect choice for your home and office decoration. 65 sq. feet to 100 sq. feet is the covering range of this Havells ceiling fan that provides the most refreshing breeze and impressive airflow in your room for relaxing better.

This Nicola model is one of the most light-weighted ceiling fans here that comes with only 4.1 Kgs of weight. It also comes with thermal overload protection that can protect the motor from getting damaged by unwanted power fluctuation issues.

Highlighted Features:

  • 48 inches (1200 mm) blade size
  • Comes with a metallic finish
  • Low energy consumption rate (72 watts)
  • Twin Canopies facility
  • Impressive air delivery capacity
  • 350 RPM blade rotation rate


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  • Elegant looks and design
  • Light-weighted model (4.1 kg)
  • High air coverage area
  • Decorative motor blades and covers
  • Long-lasting and durable model


  • Complain about clicking sound

Usha Bloom Daffodil 1250mm Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

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It is time to say goodbye to dust with Havells Stealth 1250mm Ceiling Fan. The durable machine comes with various technologies and features to deliver high-end air service to its end users. Its 380 RPM of rotation speed provides ultimate relaxing air in your room even at low voltage conditions in your area.

The Novel Silane Paint technology of this ceiling fan does not allow any dust particles in the fan body that makes the unit an easy-to-clean one for all the users. Its 100% copper motor is a durable and long-lasting one for prolonged service. The moisture and oil resistant body of this Havells unit keeps the model always fresh and clean to make your room environment healthy and breathable all the time.

Moreover, the uniquely designed 1250 MM blades with 240 CMM capacity of this unit give optimum quality air delivery service. The dual-colour design of the appliance can easily beautify your room and office with its great looks. There is a 4-speed setting option in this model that allows you to choose the perfect speed according to the room temperature.

The polyurethane coating on the overall body makes it a scratch and stain-resistant product for use. 4.72 Kilograms is the net weight of the product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dust, stain, and scratch-resistant facility
  • Oil and moisture-proof body
  • 1250 mm blade size
  • 380 RPM rotation speed
  • 240 CMM high air delivery service
  • 100% copper coated motor
  • The low energy consumption rate


  • A unique dual-colour design model
  • Works fine in low voltage area
  • A light-weight product
  • Comes with 4-speed setting option
  • Low maintenance facility


  • Customer care service is not good
  • A problem in air circulation and balance

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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If you are looking for a superior looking durable, and reliable ceiling fan, then Orient Electric Apex-FX can be the perfect choice for you to buy. The advanced ceiling fan unit comes with a 1200mm blade and other technically advanced features to produce high-end air flow service in your room.

With 370 RPM rotation speed, the machine includes an efficient copper motor. The motor makes the appliance a long-lasting one for the end-users. Its 40 Watt power consumption rate shows the power-efficiency level of the unit.

The Apex-FX model comes with five efficient speed controlling options in the circuit that allows you to have more alternatives to enjoy the air with perfect speed. The wide blades of this ceiling fan provide high-speed air and cover the maximum area of your room for optimum service. The Double Ball Bearing technology is also there that keeps the operational noise low all the time.

The blades of this Orient Electric unit come with ribbed features and efficient angles that help the ceiling fan to produce more and powerful air circulation speed for a larger area. With only 2.8 Kilograms of weight, the model is one of the most light-weighted ceiling fans in the Indian market.

Highlighted Feature:

  • 1200mm blade size
  • 100% copper powerful motor
  • 5-speed control option
  • 40 Watts power consumption rate
  • High-speed air delivery service
  • Comes with double canopy cover set


  • A light-weighted model
  • The low energy consumption rate
  • Looks gentle and effective
  • Robust body and structure
  • Great air circulation service


  • Looks too simple
  • Complain about noise issues

Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan

10 10 Best Ceiling Fan in India 2022 - Expert Reviews & Guide From Top Brands (6)

This summer, bring home a four-bladed Havells Leganza ceiling fan unit and enjoy the weather of an airy environment in your room. The easy to install ceiling fan unit comes with a metallic paint finish design that makes the look of the model better and superior. The four blades innovative design comes with 1200mm blade trims and a body ring.

With 350 RPM and 230 CMM, this Havells unit is one of the most powerful and demanding models in the Indian electronic market. 72 Watts is the net power consumption rate of this machine. 65 sq. feet to 100 sq. feet is the coverage area of this ceiling fan unit. The iconic colour combination with bronze-gold and pearl white-silver makes it more attractive to the customers.

The advanced technology of this unit provides ultimate airy service with a larger coverage area. You can enjoy a smooth airflow from this unit with even circulation of cool air. The exotic blade trim makes the model a more eye-catching one to decorate your modern house interior.

The air delivering capacity of this Havells unit is 230 CMM. The model comes with a heavyweight of 7 Kg. You need to have 220-240 volts of power connection line to run this device successfully at your home. This advanced ceiling fan can deliver high-end service even in low voltage conditions in your area.

Highlighted Features:

  • A 4 blades design
  • 350 RPM rotation speed
  • Powerful copper motor
  • Uniquely designed model
  • Backed with metallic paint finish
  • 65 to 100 square feet of air coverage


  • Looks great with four blades
  • Attractive colour combination
  • High-level airflow
  • Ideal product for home & office
  • The limited energy consumption rate


  • A heavyweight ceiling fan

Crompton Hill Briz 48-inch Ceiling Fan

10 10 Best Ceiling Fan in India 2022 - Expert Reviews & Guide From Top Brands (7)

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Crompton Hill Briz 48-inch Ceiling Fan is one of the most demanding double ball bearing units that come with multiple technological advancements and features. The appliance delivers top-end airflow service to its users with its 370 RPM of Blade rotational speed. The robust Aluminum body and the powder-coated large size blades make it a corrosion resistant model.

The 100% copper winding motor of this highly efficient ceiling fan ensures its longer life span and durability. The high-speed air delivering capacity of this unit confirms theultimate cooling experiencefor its customers. The top-end material and paint quality make the device an easy-to-clean one for the users.

This Hill Briz model from Crompton is the most reliable and convincing one that helps you to enhance the looks of your decorated room. It requires 220-240 volts of operating voltage to run finely at your home. The advanced mechanism of this unit can keep the device safe and secure from getting damaged against unwanted power fluctuation issues in your area.

Besides, 75 Watt is the net power consumption rate of the machine that allows you to reduce your electricity bill. The model comes with all the required accessories and fittings inside the box.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality airflow service
  • Corrosion-resistant body
  • Backed with double ball bearing
  • 100% copper winding motor
  • Easy-to-install product
  • 370 rpm rotation speed


  • Easy-to-clean product
  • Delivers great airflow
  • 1200mm blades size
  • Optimum airspeed


  • Weight is high
  • The high power consumption rate

Atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan with Remote

10 10 Best Ceiling Fan in India 2022 - Expert Reviews & Guide From Top Brands (8)

If you are looking for a well-designed and remote control ceiling fan, then you must go for the Atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm Anti-Dust model. The advanced ceiling fan unit comes with various technologies and features to deliver top-end performance to its users. The energy-efficient BLDC motor enhances the durability and longevity of this unit.

The dust-resistant coating on the body makes the model an easy one to maintain for the customers. It comes with longer blades that provide an optimum speed of airflow in your room. The device can run three times longer on inverter power. There are sleep and standby modes in this ceiling fan device that allows you to reduce the power consumption rate.

The smart remote control device can operate finely from up to 20 ft. of distance. The Boost mode is also there to speed-up the airflow to cool-down your room instantly. The advanced inverter stabilization technology is present in this ceiling fan that keeps the device safe from unwanted power fluctuation issues.

The LED induction system of this device enhances the looks of the device better and stylish. You can easily use the LED light as a night lamp. The net weight of this Atomberg ceiling fan is 4.05 Kg that looks a very light weighted one to install. 28 Watt is the power consumption rate of the device and requires 230 volts of power connection to run.

Highlighted Features:

  • Technically advanced model
  • Smart remote facility
  • 28 Watt power-consumption
  • High-speed air output
  • Powerful copper winding motor
  • Backed with indication LED light


  • Looks great in design
  • Power-effective one
  • LED light system
  • Instant cooling system


  • Complain about noise

Crompton Aura 48-inch High-Speed Decorative Ceiling Fan

10 10 Best Ceiling Fan in India 2022 - Expert Reviews & Guide From Top Brands (9)

Crompton is one of the most popular electronic home appliances manufacturing brands, and now it has introduced its latest Aura 48-inch High-Speed Decorative Ceiling Fan. The attractive design and looks of this ceiling fan can enhance the look of your room. Its 230 CMM air delivering capacity confirms the comfort level of the customers.

The Aura high-speed unit contains all the advanced features and utilities that make the model a long-lasting and durable product. With a double ball bearing system, the ceiling fan provides noise-free operation. The model also consists of dynamically balanced blades, a 100% copper coated motor, and other superior components for prolonged life.

The high-speed motor provides high-end airflow service. The 380 RPM rotation speed and a strong aluminum corrosion-free body make the appliance an attractive one to draw the attention of the market. 7.39 Kilograms is the net weight of the unit.

The Aura ceiling fan from Crompton comes in a complete package that contains one ceiling fan unit, one motor, three blades, two canopies, a rod, One shackle assembly, and warranty-related papers inside the box.

Highlighted Features:

  • 48 inches long size blades
  • 74 Watts power consumption rate
  • 380 RPM rotation speed
  • 230 CMM air delivery capacity
  • Double ball bearing system
  • Dynamically balance blades
  • 100% copper winding motor


  • Gentle looks and design
  • The limited power consumption rate
  • High-end airflow service
  • Powerful motor for longer life
  • two canopies for concealing wiring


  • Weight is very high (7.39 kg)

Havells Nicola 600mm Fan

10 10 Best Ceiling Fan in India 2022 - Expert Reviews & Guide From Top Brands (10)

If you are looking for a high-speed ceiling fan, then Havells Nicola 600mm Fan can be the ultimate option for you to buy. The compact and stylish design of this Nicola unit makes the model a more innovative and attractive one for its users. The unique and curvy canopy of this mini ceiling fan enhances the overall appearance of the product.

The metallic paint finish and 600 mm fan blades provide premium quality high-speed airflow. The twin canopy design of this unit conceals the messy electrical wiring. The upper canopy also makes the mount firm and strong on the ceiling. This is a perfect device that suits your modern interior decoration.

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If you are having a low voltage issue in your area, then this Nicola model is the ideal one for you that can finely work on the low-voltage power supply. The power consumption rate of this machine is just 62 watts that can easily reduce some amount from your regular electricity bill.

The weight of this little sized, high-speeding fan is 4.5 Kg that allows the technicians to install the device easily at your home. 220 – 240 volts is the required operating voltage of this unit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Contemporary and stylish design
  • 600mm fan blades size
  • High-speed fan
  • Metallic paint finish
  • 850 RPM rotation speed
  • 62 Watt power consumption rate
  • Backed with unique twin canopy
  • Comfortable operation in low-voltage


  • Small size high-speed fan
  • Great in looks and design
  • The limited power consumption rate
  • Light-weight product (4.5 Kg)


  • No uniform air distribution

Luminous Dhoom 1200mm High-Speed Ceiling Fan

10 10 Best Ceiling Fan in India 2022 - Expert Reviews & Guide From Top Brands (11)

Luminous Dhoom is a high-speed ceiling fan unit that comes with enormous features and facilities to deliver high-end airflow performance to its users. With 1200 mm blade size and 380 RPM of rotation speed, this advanced machine can provide a high-quality airy environment in your room. Its 220 CMM of air delivery capacity confirms the effectiveness and power of the unit.

The body parts of this Dhoom model are composed of non-corrosive and high-grade aluminium material. The powerful 12 pole motor of this unit comes with a copper winding facility that enhances the life-span and power of the motor. The aerodynamically designed king-size blades are present to deliver speed air that can cool-down your room instantly.

The net weight of this Luminous Dhoom model is 5Kg that makes the task of the technician easy to install in your room. It requires 220V – 240V of power supply line to run at your home. The appliance consumes only 70 Watts of electricity to deliver superior airy service.

The high-speed rotation of the blades assures the fast heat dissipation of your room. The gentle colour and design allow you to set the fan at your home as well as in your office to enhance the decoration level.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1200mm blades size
  • 380 RPM rotation speed
  • 220 CMM air delivery speed
  • Non-corrosive high-power motor
  • 220V – 240V operating voltage
  • An ideal model for better heat dissipation
  • 70 Watts power consumption rate


  • Aerodynamically designed model
  • High-speed rotation facility
  • Durable and long-lasting motor
  • Consumes limited power
  • A light-weight model with 5 Kg


  • No double ball-bearing system

Bajaj Maxima 600mm Ceiling Fan

10 10 Best Ceiling Fan in India 2022 - Expert Reviews & Guide From Top Brands (12)

Bajaj has introduced its advanced Maxima 600mm high-speed ceiling fan device. The model consists of multiple high-ending features and facilities with it to provide optimum level airflow service to its customers. The high torque motor of this unit helps the device to perform quickly and flawlessly to provide instant comfort to the end-users.

The double bearing technology is there is this superior ceiling fan that keeps the operational noise low and makes the unit long-lasting and durable. It also increases the load-bearing capacity of the device to perform better. 66 Watts is the net power consumption rate of this ceiling fan unit that can reduce some extra amount from your electricity bill.

Moreover, the 870 RPM of rotational speed provides optimum high-speed airflow to its users. The superior grade aluminium blades confirm the air balance and distribution of the unit.

If you are looking for a high-speed ceiling fan model to make your room cool faster, then this Maxima model can be the ideal one for you. Its 4 Kg of net weight allows you to install the device easily in your room.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-speed model
  • 870 RPM rotation speed
  • A light-weight product (4Kg)
  • 66 Watt power consumption rate
  • Double ball bearing system
  • 110 CMM air delivery capacity
  • High torque motor


  • Provide high-speed
  • Instant cooling facility
  • The low power consumption rate
  • Low noise operational benefits
  • Easy to clean product


  • Does not come with a regulator

How do I choose the Best Ceiling Fan?

People do not consider many details while buying a ceiling fan, but purchasing an ideal air producing device makes sure about its optimal performance and also helps in saving power and money. The below ceiling fan buying guide will help you in concentrating on the correct model for your home.

Fan sweeping size vs. Room size

There are various types of ceiling fans ranging in size between 900 to 1400 mm. The most commonly bought ceiling fan is of the average size of 1200 mm. The room size also plays a vital role in selecting the sweeping fan size. The sweeping fan size is the total circle diameter that the fan covers while rotating. You need to install the fan in the room centre to cover the highest area. If you include large rooms inside the house, you should accordingly adjust the fan location to make sure that you get the proper circulation of air.

Size of the RoomSize of the Fan Sweep
Lower than 75 square feet900 mm
75 to 100 square feet1050 mm
100 to 130 square feet1200 mm
130 to 150 square feet1400 mm
More than 150 square feetIdeal to use two ceiling fans of 900 mm

Total Number of Blades

Ideally, the ceiling fan consists of three blades to deliver enough and high-quality circulation of air. Secondly, it should look aesthetically outstanding because of the symmetry. Nowadays, four-blade fans have also become famous in India 2022 . But keep in mind, the higher the blade number, the lower will be the air circulation. However, ceiling fans with a higher number of blades create less noise. Also, the shape of the blades makes a lot of difference when considering the air circulation quality.

The tilt of the Blade

The shape of the Blade is also significant. The flat blades do not create any air circulation. The blades should include a low dragging shape and a tilt. It also assists in improving the circulation of air. An average ceiling fan comes with a tilting angle of 12 and 15 degrees. A tilting angle of greater than 15 degrees will have more pressure on the fan of the motor. It can also affect fan life-span and enhance electricity bills.

Motor Fan

The fan of the motor is the primary unit of this rotating device. There are mainly two types of fan motors. They are:

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Single Phase Induction Motor

It is the most common one among the Indian fan manufacturers. This fan motor implements winding poles and various wires for supplying the single-phase motor to the product’s fan motor. This type of motor needs a permanent capacitor that is as efficient as the BLDC motors.

BLDC Motors

BLDC motors are exceptionally efficient while they continue to rotate at the same speed. This motor does not create much noise as the conventional induction single-phase motors. They are also efficient in saving power compared to the other one.

Controlling Options

In the past, the ceiling fans came with a fixed switchboard through which you can control the speed of the rotation of the fan. But today, there are remote controlling options for controlling the fan and regulating their speed. The fan with the lighting kits is also available to serve a dual purpose of illumination of the room and air circulation. Some fans also come with a remote-controlled or pull chain operation. There are some models of fans also that come with anti-rust and anti-dust options to extend the appliance’s life-span.

Ceiling Fan location

The ceiling fan location is dependent on the size and shape of the room. If you have a square shape room, then it is ideal for placing the appliance at the center of the area. In the case of an elongated room, it is always better to install two separate fans at some fair distance. The ceiling height is another crucial factor to look for. Install the fan at a distance of a minimum of 8 feet from the flooring to the top. If you have a low ceiling, then always select a short mounting rod. If the ceiling is greater than 10 feet, then always choose a long rod in maintaining the optimum distance between the fan and the floor.

Fan Installation

A fan installation is not at all challenging. It comes with a step by step instruction along with a guide. There should be a minimum distance of 12 inches in between the ceiling and the Blade. If you reside in the regions where there is a hot and humid climate during the summer season, there you should maintain a gap of a minimum of 18 inches. It will make sure that the hot air does not get a push by the fan to the floor. The ceiling should always be straight. In case of a sloping roof, go for a longer rod. It will make sure that the blades of the fan do not graze the top when it is rotating at maximum speed.

Type of Ceiling Fans

Standard Ceiling fan

It is one of the most common and popular ceiling fans found in most households. They might include up to a five-blade design, light-weight, simple installation on the metal pipe that connects to the housing of the motor.

Low Profile Fans

This fan directly connects to the mountain brackets. Thus this makes them flush out from the ceiling. If you have a space with a ceiling height of fewer than 8 feet, then this type of fan is perfect for you. The only problem with the low profile fan is that it does not include the same airflow levels as the other options. It is the main reason behind its powerful cooling capacities.

Ceiling Fan with Energy star

If you are in search of an eco-friendly product, then the ceiling fan with an energy star is thebest alternative for you. It will also help to reduce the electricity bill. Considering the energy star notes of the fan, it comes with an average 40% energy efficiency when compared to the conventional fan or lights. It comes with an enhanced design of the motor blade to offer an efficient technological solution.

Also Asked:

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FAQs Related to Ceiling Fan

Which type of fan gives more air?

A download range of ceiling fans from 3 to 72 inches is the ideal range to offer more air. It is what will suspend the fan from the canopy. The perfect setting for more air circulation is to have more space between the blades of the fan and the ceiling.

How do you tell if your ceiling fan is going clockwise or counterclockwise?

If you are not sure that your ceiling fan is rotating in the correct direction, then stand directly under the fan and look in the upward direction. If the appliance is moving counterclockwise, then you can feel a rush of air. It will indicate that it is in the correct setting for the summer.

What is the RPM of a high-speed ceiling fan?

Customers should always look at the Revolution per Minute or RPM before selecting any model. The standard 1200 mm fan can perform at 300 to 350 RPM, while a high-speed fan can rotate at 380 to 390 RPM or more. Ideally, a ceiling fan should be a minimum of 7 to 9 feet from the ground to receive the highest RPM of the device.

What is the difference between 1200mm and 1400mm ceiling fans?

A room of 100 to 150 square feet will require a fan of 1050 mm. A room size of 150 to 300 square feet that is the most average size of an apartment, will require a 1200 mm device. On the other hand, a room of 300 square feet will need a 1400 mm fan. For a large room, consider implementing two fans that will balance the air circulation in every part.

Is it OK for a ceiling fan to wobble?

It is perfect for a ceiling fan device to wobble a little while moving. But a wobble might also cause severe damage to the fan and possibly other appliances in the room. They might be a bit loud also while wobbling. Fortunately, it is not at all difficult to fix this problem. A non-wobbly ceiling fan is the best for the use.

Overall Best Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans have become one of the most prime appliances that assist in improvising the airflow. It offers an evaporating cooling in a better way. In this list, every product is exceptionally outstanding, but the one that has stood out is Havells Stealth 1250mm Ceiling Fan. It comes with a design of 1250 mm blades, dust and mark resistance, aerodynamic blades, and 18 pole torque motor. So let us know which model you have selected at last and why

10 10 Best Ceiling Fan in India 2022 - Expert Reviews & Guide From Top Brands (13)

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Which is the No 1 fan in India? ›

Havells Glaze is one of the best ceiling fans in India under 2500, with a sweep size of 1200mm, air supply of 235 CMM, and speed of 390 RPM. It is lightweight, with broad blades that contribute to excellent air delivery. The body is finished with a dust-resistant paint finish and a glaze coating.

Which is the best brand of ceiling fan? ›

Best Ceiling Fans To Increase Circulation And Air Movement Around You (May, 2023)
Ceiling FanSpeed
Bajaj Frore EE 1200 mm Brown Ceiling Fan 1550340 RPM
Atomberg Renesa Fan With Remote340 RPM
Orient Electric I-Tome 1200mm BLDC Energy Saving Ceiling Fan370 RPM
Crompton Hill Briz Fan370 RPM
7 more rows

Which fan gives cool air in India? ›

Best Fans For Keeping Your Home Cool And Comfortable (May, 2023)
Fan NameFan Type
Orient Electric Apex Prime 1200mm High Speed Ceiling FanCeiling Fan
Crompton Hill Briz Deco 1200mmCeiling Fan
Havells Ambrose 1200mm Fan with Remote ControlCeiling Fan
Usha Mist Air ICY 400MM Table FanTable Fan
4 more rows
Mar 14, 2023

Who is the largest ceiling fan manufacturers in India? ›

Top 10 Ceiling Fan Brands in India
  • Crompton Greaves.
  • Usha.
  • Orient.
  • Superfan.
  • Orbit.
  • Khaitan.
  • Havells.
  • Bajaj.

Are 3 or 4 blade fans better? ›

The three-blade fan has fewer blades, which means less noise and lower energy consumption. It also provides less air movement, so it might be best for rooms that aren't very large. Four-blades provide more airflow, but they're louder and use more power. They're ideal in larger spaces.

Is 3 blade or 5 blade ceiling fan better? ›

If you are more concerned with the amount of air it produces, the 5 bladed ceiling fan is a perfect option. But if you are looking for a ceiling fan with a smaller silhouette while still providing enough airflow, the 3 bladed ceiling fan is also a good choice too.

Who is the most popular fans in India? ›


He has the highest fan base in India. He is also known as Thalaivar.

Who has the strongest fan base in India? ›

Dhoni has the biggest fan base in India: Harbhajan Singh | Cricket News | Onmanorama.

Who is the most powerful fans? ›

Top 10 most powerful fandoms in the world ranked
  1. BTS- ARMY.
  2. Taylor Swift Fans- Swifties. ...
  3. One Direction-Directioners. ...
  4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S- The friend zone. ...
  5. Naruto Fandom- Narutards. ...
  6. Harry Potter's- Potterheads. ...
  7. Marvel Universe-Marvelites. ...
  8. Star Wars Fandom Warsies. ...
Mar 11, 2023

What is the latest technology for ceiling fans? ›

BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) is an energy-efficient technology that nowadays has been applied to ceiling fans for best performance and cost-cutting over electricity bills. BLDC fan technology uses a Brushless Direct Current motor that cuts power consumption by 65%.

How many blades on a ceiling fan make the best airflow? ›

5 Blade Ceiling Fans

And, as we discussed above, the more blades a fan has, the quieter it will be. However, more blades can increase drag on the motor. Most ceiling fans deigned for the home come with 4 to 5 blades for the ideal balance between the amount of air circulated and the amount of ambient noise.

Which type of fan uses less electricity? ›

However, in general, table fans consume less electricity than ceiling fans. So if you want a proper answer to: ceiling fan or table fan which consumes more electricity, be sure that using a table fan does save electricity more than using a ceiling fan.

Which is oldest fan company in India? ›

Indian Electric Works manufactured the first ceiling fans in India by 1930. Crompton Greaves, a joint venture between Greaves Cotton of India and Crompton Parkinson of England, had been manufacturing ceiling fans since 1937.

What is the world's largest fan company? ›

  1. Hunter Fan. Introduction: ...
  2. XingTai. Introduction: ...
  3. BIG ASS FANS. Introduction: ...
  4. RITE-HITE. Introduction: ...
  5. Patterson Fan. Introduction: ...
  6. MacroAir. Introduction: ...
  7. SkyBlade Fans. Introduction: ...
  8. RTFANS. Introduction:
Apr 13, 2023

Which fan is best Crompton or Havells? ›

HAVL has higher B2B sales mix at ~25%, whereas Crompton is mainly B2C at ~90%. Crompton is the market leader in Fans, and amongst the Top #3 brands in Pumps, LED Lighting and Geysers.

How do you know if a fan is powerful? ›

Fan power is usually measured by the airflow it generates in cubic feet per minute, or CFM. The higher the CFM rating, the more powerful the airflow. Most fans, whether household fans or commercial/industrial fans, have more than one fan speed so you have a range of airflow.

What size fan for a bedroom? ›

ENERGY STAR® makes the following recommendations for ceiling fan diameter: Small Rooms up to 100 square feet = 29 to 36 inches. Large Rooms up to 400 square feet = 36 to 50 inches. Great Rooms over 400 square feet = 50 to 71 inches.

Why do Indian fans have 3 blades? ›

Three-blade fans are way more common in India since it consumes less electricity and also it does not need to be accompanied by an air conditioner, which many households in India still do not have. Three-blade fans are also much faster and run at a higher speed than its 4 blade counterparts.

Are bigger ceiling fans better? ›

A small ceiling fan in a large room will have to work twice as hard to cool the room, which will cause the motor to burn out quickly. A large ceiling fan in a small room will create a massive amount of airflow and will ultimately be unsafe. So choose a ceiling fan that is proportional to the room size.

What size ceiling fan for a 12x12 room? ›

Ceiling Fan Size Chart
10' x 10'4,000 - 5,50037" to 48"
12' x 12'6,200 - 7,50049" to 56"
15' x 15'7,000 - 9,00060" to 72"
Larger9,000 - 11,000Over 72"
1 more row

Which fan Colour is best for home? ›

Traditional White

Crisp white is the most common ceiling fan colour and there's a reason people love it so much! No matter the style of your home, a traditional white ceiling fan looks perfect.

What is the quietest fan blade design? ›

Aerodynamic blade design: Laminar airflow is quietest. Blades that change their pitch (twist) and chord (width) between hub and tip promote laminar flow by managing the relative vector velocities of the incoming airflow and advancing blade.

Which brand has most fans? ›

Fandom 250 preview: 17 brands with the most loyal fans
  • Adidas.
  • Amazon.
  • Apple.
  • Chick-fil-A.
  • Coca-Cola.
  • Converse.
  • Disney.
  • Harley Davidson.
Nov 21, 2017

Who is India's No 1 actor? ›

Most Popular Actor In India (Jan 2023)
SNActorTotal Votes
1.NTR Jr.1158
2.Yash Gowda1071
3.Shah Rukh Khan788
82 more rows

Which hero has more fans? ›

Prabhas shot to fame with his portrayal of the character Baahubali in the film of the same name. He is one of the most popular actors in Tollywood and has also acted in Hindi films. Prabhas has a massive fan following not only in South India but also in other parts of the world.

Who is the number one hero in India 2023? ›

Conclusion. The post presents a list of the top 10 Bollywood actors in 2023, including Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, Hrithik Roshan, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, and Saif Ali Khan. The actors on this list have a massive fan following across India and worldwide.

What size fan is best? ›

Select a fan with the appropriate span: 36 inches for rooms up to 100 square feet, 42 inches for up to 200 square feet, 52 inches for up to 400 square feet, and either one 60-inch fan or two 52- or 56-inch fans for rooms larger than 400 square feet.

Is a Vornado fan worth it? ›

Its effectiveness is undeniable; not only does the Vornado fan manage to keep a room cool in tough heat, but the air itself is fresh and pleasant.

Which celebrity has the best fans? ›

Which celebrities have the most loyal fan bases?
  • 1 of 20. Beyoncé Kevin Winter/PW18/Getty Images for Parkwood Entertainment. ...
  • 2 of 20. Taylor Swift. Efren Landaos/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images. ...
  • 3 of 20. Cardi B. ...
  • 4 of 20. BTS. ...
  • 5 of 20. Rihanna. ...
  • 6 of 20. Justin Bieber. ...
  • 7 of 20. Katy Perry. ...
  • 8 of 20. Bruno Mars.
Apr 3, 2023

Who has the most fans in the world history? ›

We are presenting you the football players that are most followed in social media platforms around the world. So, who is the number one football player by followers on social media? The answer is Cristiano Ronaldo! Like in 2022, also in 2023 Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed football player on social media.

Are 5 or 6 blade ceiling fans better? ›

The answer is, for the most part, no.

With the current innovation in fan design, you are unlikely to notice any major difference in performance between fans with fewer or more blades.

Are more expensive ceiling fans better? ›

"For ceiling fans, expensive options are typically indicative of performance, durability, and expected life span. " Remember, expensive doesn't always mean a ceiling fan is better. Price may be an indicator of quality, but certain nuances will speak to any price difference between ceiling fan manufacturing competitors.

Are newer ceiling fans better? ›

In fact, replacing an older fan with a newer energy efficient ceiling fan can provide extensive benefits, such as the following: Reduce your heating and cooling bills. Reduce waste, since newer ceiling fans last longer than older models. Reduce energy bills for lighting by buying a ceiling fan with LED or CFL lights.

Which is best ceiling fan in 2022? ›

Best overall - Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70-Watt High-Speed Ceiling Fan. With a 380 RPM maximum speed and 220 CMM airflow, the Luminous Dhoom is undoubtedly the best ceiling fan in India available at a price of ₹ 1,799.

Which fan is best 3 blade or 4 blade? ›

Therefore, three-blade ceiling fans are the best choice for maximum airflow that operates with the least amount of friction. For this reason, four-blade fans are employed in addition to air conditioners to spread the cool air of the AC around the room.

Which fan is better Crompton or Havells? ›

HAVL has higher B2B sales mix at ~25%, whereas Crompton is mainly B2C at ~90%. Crompton is the market leader in Fans, and amongst the Top #3 brands in Pumps, LED Lighting and Geysers. In Feb22, Crompton acquired Butterfly, a South-based kitchen appliance market leader.

Which is better 3 or 5 blade ceiling fan? ›

If you are more concerned with the amount of air it produces, the 5 bladed ceiling fan is a perfect option. But if you are looking for a ceiling fan with a smaller silhouette while still providing enough airflow, the 3 bladed ceiling fan is also a good choice too.

What is the latest technology in ceiling fan? ›

BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) is an energy-efficient technology that nowadays has been applied to ceiling fans for best performance and cost-cutting over electricity bills.

Which is better 2 blade or 3 blade fan? ›

What Difference Does the Number of Blades Make? The difference between performance and noise level between ceiling fans with any number of blades is negligible.

Which type of fan blade is best? ›

Metal fan blades are incredibly durable and will last for years. They are also very easy to clean and often come with a protective coating, typically of zinc and silicon.

Which is better Philips or Havells? ›

Philips scored higher in 7 areas: Overall Rating, Culture & Values, Diversity and Inclusion, Work-life balance, Compensation & Benefits, Career Opportunities and Recommend to a friend.

Is Orient better than Havells? ›

Havells India scored higher in 1 area: CEO Approval. Orient Electric scored higher in 8 areas: Overall Rating, Culture & Values, Diversity and Inclusion, Work-life balance, Senior Management, Compensation & Benefits, Career Opportunities and Recommend to a friend.

Is Havells fan made in China? ›

Havells industrial and domestic cables are manufactured in Alwar, Rajasthan.

Which blade is best for ceiling fans? ›

Metal blade ceiling fans are among the most durable. They cut through the air with little resistance, providing strong airflow.


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